Hardware development

Discover the perfect solutions for your hardware development. See how we realise this through distributor and control technology. Thanks to our expertise and customisation, our experienced engineers ensure efficient circuit distribution and high-quality control panels. Together with you, the customer, we realise the ideal system that meets stringent quality requirements.

Hardware development Foorz

Distributor technology

The distributor is an essential part of the business process. At Foorz, we understand this like no other and know how to find a suitable solution for every application. An electrical distributor distributes electrical current from a power source to different circuits or loads in an electrical system. These circuits can vary in voltage, amperage and load, depending on the specific needs of your electrical system. When designing a circuit distributor, the right cable diameters, protection devices and switches are determined for each circuit.

At Foorz, we work closely with you to design and put together distribution systems. We listen to your needs and requirements so that we can achieve a perfect end result. Our experienced engineers use specialist calculation and engineering software to do so. We assemble the distribution systems under licence from renowned A-brands such as Eaton, Hager, Schneider Electric and ABB. With construction types ranging from 2 to 4 and a maximum capacity of up to 6300A, we offer a wide range of choices. Thanks to our smart design, we always find a suitable solution for your project.

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Control technology

We specialise in building control panels for a wide variety of applications. Whether it is machine controls, climate control systems, process plants, transport systems or drinking water and wastewater plants, we provide tailor-made solutions using high-quality components.

Our engineers design all systems for control panels in-house using advanced software such as EPLAN and AutoCAD. Have you already developed your own system or control panel? Provide us with the schematics and we will arrange the realisation. We take your wishes and requirements as our starting point, so that we can provide a solution that is best suited to your situation. Besides hardware engineering, we also provide software engineering, so that your production processes are provided with efficient control.

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Service hardware development

Once the distribution system or control panels are ready, they are subjected to strict inspections, such as NEN1010 and NEN-EN-IEC 61439. Each system receives an inspection certificate so that we can guarantee quality.

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