What is a cobot?

A cobot is a collaborative robot, meaning it can work with humans without the need for fencing. Cobots have built-in safety measures such as a safety stop. The moment an unsafe situation arises, the cobot immediately stops work.

This makes cobots easy to use, and even the gripper can be held back with bare hands and the cobot will fall out immediately.

Why do you need a Cobot?

Safety without compromise

Our cobots are designed to work safely with your team, without the need for heavy safety gates. Protect your workers while increasing productivity.

Flexibility that grows with you

Changing production needs? No problem. Our cobots can be quickly adapted to perform different tasks, keeping you flexible in a dynamic market.

Efficiency first

Save time and costs by entrusting repetitive tasks to our cobots. Increase the productivity and quality of your products without compromising.

Easy integration, fast results

Our cobots are easy to programme and integrate into your existing production processes. Start seeing results quickly without drastic changes.

What are the benefits of robotisation?

Many workers who are already used to automated work floors are becoming happy with cobots. Often it is not the complete replacement of human labour but more often we see robotisation being used to complement human capabilities.

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What are the benefits of cobots for your workforce?

Workers doing a lot of repetitive work may suffer from RSI or other complaints, and if the weight to be handled is greater, the physical strain on your employees also increases.

Cobots help reduce these problems and can effortlessly move products up to 30 kg, over and over again. This relieves workers of physical strain, thereby reducing absenteeism.

Time is also saved, as the cobot, for example, assembles a product, the employee can in the meantime already prepare the parts of the next product, thus achieving higher production.

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What is the difference between cobots and industrial robots?

Industrial robots are often designed to work in enclosed spaces with safety gates to prevent people from being accidentally injured by their movements.

Cobots are smaller than industrial robots, and you can therefore use them much more extensively from bakery to logistics. They are less heavy and safety measures are built in so they can stand next to people. If you touch a cobot, it will stop working.

Because cobots are smaller than most industrial robots, they are also suitable for companies where there is not much space.

The differences at a glance

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